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About Me

Email: elizabethbruders7@gmail.com

As a fine art photographer, I love reconceiving the beauty and wonder found in our natural world. My interest in flowers and animals started in childhood but became the focus of my art while attending Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. While at MIAD, I majored in fine art drawing and printmaking experimenting with collage and mixed media.

The two things that motivate me to create are capturing the beauty of nature and experimentation focusing on flowers and animals. I began researching how to create my unique floral portraits with the desire to help people stop and notice the flowers instead of just passing them by. I use color and light to create a contrast between the delicacy of the flowers and their confinement in their icy enclosures. With animals, I explore a different approach to capture the essence of the animal, specifically looking for relationships between adults and their offspring, expressions, motion, light and pattern.I spend hours watching themI love the things waiting for the specific moments I’m trying to capture. My passion is to help the viewer to stop and take time to look carefully at the details in nature.