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About Me

Email: elizabethbruders7@gmail.com

As a fine art photographer, I love reconceiving the beauty and wonder found in our natural world. My interest in flowers and animals started in childhood but became the focus of my art while attending Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.  While at MIAD, I majored in fine art drawing and printmaking experimenting with collage and mixed media.

I'm the mother of seven children, who started in photography by recording their expressions and antics together. My other creative focus is decorating my home to create a beautiful and peaceful place to inspire my children. After the purchase of our home, I focused on learning to landscape with flowers and develop a hidden secret garden tucked behind our house. This outdoor retreat doesn’t have room for my children to run and play, but it’s the perfect place to sit and read a good book in the summer or to lay in the warmth of the sun. As my children have grown older, I discovered that I wanted to return to more personal projects by photographing flowers in ice and animals.

I love experimenting with color, working with mixed media, and combining photography and drawing. My photos are often just the beginning. I will combine several of them to create digital art montages. In others, I play with modifying colors or using digital tools to turn the photo into a digital painting to help convey a story or create an emotional connection.