Flowers in Ice

My Flowers in Ice series is a portrayal of winter’s metamorphosis, illuminating and highlighting the ordeal of being transformed by ice while displaying the vibrant colors of the flowers and leaves. In these photographs, I share my excitement of discovering what my collaboration with nature has created. When flowers are placed in water and frozen, they are transformed through a difficult natural process as the liquids within them are solidified. This transformation is unpredictable and adds an element of mystery to the flowers. As the ice penetrates the blooms the oxygen is released as bubbles which create movement and beauty while preserving the floral portraits. These circumstances may appear cruel, but the ice also insulates and protects the blossom’s vivid colors and features for a short time. My Flowers in Ice photographs are intended to help my audience see their changing circumstances from a new perspective. Although we may not know what will come of our challenges, just as I don’t know how the flowers will appear in their icy surroundings, beauty exists within difficult transformations.